iGOG: Massive Drums App Reviews

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IGOG is awesome!

I’ve been using IGOG for years now and I love it! The samples sound great! I use it for rehearsals with a rock-n-roll brass band I’m in. I plug my iPhone into the sound system complete with subs and monitors, and it sounds excellent! It sure beats dragging my entire drum kit down there every time. I also use it at an open mic I help host, and jam in real-time with musicians that come up to play. They love it, although they’re always looking around for where the drums are setup. I am still waiting for an update for the newer, larger screen iPhones, (it’s been over a year since the last update) but other than that, this app ROCKS!!!

Don't waste your time or money

Not responsive. Not useful . Can't get rid of click on playback. Can't fix recorded tracks. Just a waste of space on my iPhone. Tried getting my money back and they said no. So, will share my thoughts so you won't get tricked like I did.

THE best iOS drum sounds, but the dev has abandoned support for it it seems

I hope they continue to support this because it really is unrivaled. No delay what so ever. Hard to tell the difference between this and real drums when played correctly. Very cool stuff ad worth every cent. They need to fix a few issues though such as not being able to restore purchased kits when reinstalling iGOG. If they could do this it would be a FIVE STAR APP.


Great idea! The Velocity feature provides much more flexible and allows way more creativity than loops or programmable drum machines. It is a pain to export because you have to use iTunes. I hope they continue to develop this app, for example it needs Audiobus support

Crash City

Opened once. Then it crashes. Relentlessly.


please update the icon to fit the Retina HD screen

No restore purchases

Sounds great and all, but I really hate that there's no "restore purchases" function. I've already bought too many of the .99 kits, but every time I redownload the app I have to guess which ones. And I don't need more kits yet I inevitably guess wrong and end up purchasing more. Worse, I guess I just bought "Drive Drums 1" cause I guessed wrong, and the kit is broken - the bass drum and hi hat make no sound.

Bought It And Lost It

I was eager to try iGoG, but in the middle of the install, it disappeared from my iPad (running iOS 7). I have spent two hours searching for it in iTunes and I have done the downloading of purchased apps. It said it was compatible with iPad. Funny, I search for iGoG from the iPad in the App store and it says there is no such app, but I see it plain from iTunes on my computer. Got it to download to the iPhone, but no luck with the iPad. Too bad because I wanted to use it with AURIA, which i really like. Guess i’m out of luck and $2.99

Almost perfect...

The drum samples/sounds are superior. What would make this the perfect app (for my personal use) would be Audiobus compatibility.

Could be better.....

Ok, first....awesome sound...it doesn't get much better than this. Now for the reason I only rated 1 star. I need more pads to do anything remotely professional with this...16 would be perfect. I also feel that without a dedicated sequencer (even something like the one in GarageBand would suffice) and audio copy/paste...it's pretty much useless....but my Steven Slate drumagog files DO sound great on it....just FIX it so I can actually USE it!

They don't respond.

They seem to have gone m.i.a.? They no longer respond on their forum either last time I checked. Many folks requested copy/paste, (including me), but no updates in ages. And now,...the best sounding ios drum app disappears after sandboxing? Not sure what happened. Maybe auria is taking all their time?


I try not to give less than 5 stars. The sound is good, but really I counted all the "different sets" it comes to over $30.00 , yes $30.00 of in app purchases. I only got 1 Tom, 1 hi hat closed. I cannot get the other pads to work so they must be purchases also. So we get a snare, a bass drum, a ride, 1 Tom, & a closed hi hat. Having played drums for 40 years, I deserve better than this. I rarely wish I could get my money back. I got ripped off. Now I know why there is on free trial version. That should have been the first sign. There is no way to check things out until the register rings. You won this time. I should have known better. All I can say is buyers beware. If you want something nice you will be paying for every little extra. You should fix this out of courtesy for your customers. The only reason it got 2 stars was because the sound was decent. Thank you

Missing Audio Copy/Paste

Sound realism is unrivaled on iPad, but without audio copy/paste this otherwise incredible app is reduced to a toy. Having to export recordings to an ftp server via a computer defeats the entire purpose of musicians using the iPad. Once audio copy/paste is added, it will be well deserving of a 5 star rating.

Crashes, No Copy/Paste

It freezes constantly on my ipad 2. There is no audio copy/paste for transfer to other iPad apps. No updated version for iPad. Just awful implementation. If this app is an indication of the level of support WaveMachine Labs provides their customers, I won't be purchasing the upcoming Auria app.

Best Drum App Of All Time

UPDATE! Well I downloaded some GOG samples off Google, and my gosh. This app gets even better. If you have DrumaGOG then you can like make your own samples off your drums. They just need more layouts, more kits and stuff to buy, and load times faster. It takes me like at least 20 seconds to load up my sample library. I got like 150 at least more samples. ---- I have bought every drum app that's worth getting (about 20) and this is the best and my favorite. Great sounds and velocity, good recording system, easy to transfer to my computer. Needs more sounds though. Even though it has alot. BUY!


Sounds amazing. Desperately needs Copy and Paste. This also needs the ability to undo the last recorded part without erasing the entire sequence. Without these two crucial features this us a toy.


Update Update Update!!!! Great app!!!!


See above

great app........but

The mp3 backing track won't work. Other than that, this thing rocks. Great drum sounds. Great response. Fix the backing tracks and it's 5 stars.

it's like real

it's like real. but it's hard to make supposed volume. so I'm learning.. ;(

Great app but needs copy:paste

If you can't implement the instrument on the phone itself it's useless to me. I want to use it on an iPhone D.A.W. without exporting to a desktop. PLEASE THIS IS THE BEST SOUNDING DRUM MACHINE IN THE STORE. COPY/PASTE!!!!!!!!!!

very good buy it now,understand it later!

i have never read so many stupid reviews this is the best .any one wanting more is out of touch i would like to see them make an app this good . most of these comments were made im sure before they understood how this app works .so save your reviews until you know what your talking about!

Best drums

Still the best drums in the app store. Fast, clean, dynamic. Works and responds great with iPod touch 4th gen. But let me complain about the icon for craps sake.. lol.. Reviewer below Complains about icon artistry.. Give me a break.

Should be updated for retina display already... Geez!

Should be updated for retina display already... Geez! At least fix the icon... it's the worst looking thing on my whole music apps page. A fuzzy pink miniature kids snare drum with the name of the app written across it when the name of the app is already 8mm below it? Really? A 10 year old kid could come up with a better one! (forgive me if your 10 year old kid actually did make it for you).

Amazing app - needs bug fix

An amazing drum app. The velocity scaling and mic trigger features make this App without peer. However, running an iPhone 4 under iOS4, I cannot save my own kits. They do not appear in the kit list after saving, and thus cannot be re-loaded. Also, poor online support - very little info on the developer's website and no e-mail response to my inquiries. I would have given this App 5 stars if they had fixed the bugs and showed better support for their products.

good app but load your own samples

I like this app but when I loaded some kik snare and cymbal wavs from my synths it really sounded incredible load your own high quality samples

Triggering fixed...and made way better!!

Allright igog. I thank u. It took u a while to fix triggering but holy cow??!! This new 2 zone triggering u gave it?? Amazing! This is why u guys have been my favorite drum app and THE ONLY ONE WORTH DOWNLOADING FOR DRUMMERS! It's on such another level, it's the Disney world while the other apps are the playpen at mcdonalds. Thank u guys for fixing it and making it way better

Awesome, just a few feature requests...

Already my favorite drum app, but I'd love it even more if WaveMachine Labs would add the following: - Both high and low tom samples to their own Rock Kits (currently they only supply a high tom sample unlike most of the other kits from their in-app store). - Drum roll, rim shot & sidestick samples, along with a way in the pad interface to allow these to be triggered during a performance - Adjustable Reverb/Ambience effect (like the reverb in ThumbJam) - A way to disable the record/play buttons (I keep hitting them be accident while playing) - More diverse kits in App-Store, like jazz/brush kits, Latin & African percussion, popular & classic kits, etc. Looking forward to the next update!

Awesome....best drum app out

This is by far the best drum app so far, I have a small recording studio and plugging my phone from my headphone Jack into my interface unit and playing a slow beat and then bumping the bpm up to what I want sounds amazing, just wish there was preset drum rolls, other than that it is an amazing app and well worth $3

Great Potential

This application is extremely unstable. Was great only the moment I first used it. Ever since, it is just crap.

진짜 좋은 어플리케이션인가

이거 해봤다 왕쩔어


Being able to load your own samples makes this app by far the very nest!

Works on iPod touch 2g

Great app! I wasn't sure if it would work on my iPod touch 2g after I read some of the reviews but I downloaded it and it worked fine. So if you have an iPod touch 2g, it should work!


How do u unlock new drum themes?

Best drum sounds

App gets four stars for its ultra-quality sounds and some innovative ideas. Still a little buggy, but the developer seems to be on it.


Bass and snare pads which act to lower and raise respectively the volume and hit strength of all pads with repeated hits make this app completely unuseable. It's too bad, as the drum samples are fantastic.

unplayable latency

I bought this because I often come up with beats that I'd like to record quickly before forgetting. I always want to be able to go in and edit the MIDI so I can fine tune the beats. And then I'd like to export them into Pro Tools for some further tweaking. iGog can do all this. BUT the latency is so bad that I can't even play a beat. In fact, it's totally unenjoyable to play with. Ended up buying Beatmaker instead.

New update ruined the program.

This app was one of the best but not anymore. It doesn't track your performance in mic trigger mode very well at all. It misses hits constantly. Before I could hit a surface and have it play along nearly perfect, fast rolls and everything. Now it misses about every other hit. The dual trigger mode is a great idea but it's implementation is flawed at the moment, mostly due to the horrible tracking. I've adjusted the sensitivity levels all over the place looking for sweet spots and I just cannot get this program to be usable anymore. Please update soon, I miss it already.

It's aiight...

Blah blah blah! Woo


This is the best drum app. Not just the sounds but the feel and playability. You get 5 free kits and the rest are a dollar. I feel that the kits have the same sort of sound.so maybe new sets should be cheaper or bundled. This app needs some serious updating. It's terribly glitchy. Still it's the best one and I've got em all.

Does not work as shown. Base pad doesn't work!

I rarely write reviews, but I want to because I am having a problem with this app. I have corresponded with the author about this issue, followed his instructions, and it still does not work. The problem is the "BD" key - the one in the lower left. I think it's supposed to be a base pad, but it barely makes a noise. I've tried changing all the settings, according to the author, but it still does not work! I think it's a bug, and until it's fixed, this app gets 1 star. P.S. Don't expect this app to sound very much like the demo!

fix it

Was neat when it worked the first time. Now it crashes everytime I try to start it up again. Even after re-booting the iphone. Fix it please.

Excellent Drum App.

The sounds are excellent, response is nice and the relative pressure works surprisingly well. I like how you can fully configure the pads.. you could have 7 Bass drum pads and 1 snare if you wanted. Not sure why you would want it, but it would definitly be metal! I wish there was support from more then 8 pads, say maybe 15? it might be a little cramped, but at least give us the option.Only regret is the iphones build in speaker is so low. Best suited for headphones or external speaker. I haven't bought any of the paid sounds, but the free ones sounds pretty darn good.

I change my mind :>)

In the begining I don't like the software due to it's bugs and glitshes, however I've change my mind after the people at iGog show a sincere concern about my problem and try to fix it for me and everybody therefore I can say that I'm very satisfied from thier support and regardless the qulity of the product I recommend this software becuse of the superbe support.

If it continues to crash.....

I posted this a couple dats ago. (Just bought this app and it loaded once and keeps crashing whenever I try to load it. I don't know if getting a text message while installing had anything to do with it.) But my fix was uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. It was free to dowload again since I already purchased the app and I haven't had ant problems since.

Good start

Needs a matrix sequencer!!


It's great when it wants to work. There are some issues with RAM that I wish wouldn't be there. But onc you get past the beginning this app is amazing and has a great idea with it's touch sensitive pads. The more support. The better the product

Great idea, but...

Crashes. Every. Single. Launch. I've rebooted to free up RAM. No help. Waste of $5.

Absolutely the best drum app

This is absolutely the best drum app on the app store. The drums by far are the best sounding I’ve heard. All the different ways that drums can be triggered is just incredible. This is a great buy for the price. Great work guys. I'm going to have a lot fun with this app.

Very impressed

I have downloaded every drum app in the store and these are truly the best sounding drums on the iPhone. It has been rock solid. No crashes.

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